Safe Marine Ship is a management company which is setup by seafarers for the marine sector as a whole. As our name suggests, we believe in operating the vessel in a safe and cost effective manner in order to maximize the profits for ship owners. Our strategy and operational execution revolves around this principal.

Safe Marine has developed a strategic understanding and execution of a “zero- breakdown” method of operating ships.

With his 35 years of experience in shipping and technical management, the Managing Director has implemented all his expertise in the policy and operating systems of Safe Marine Ship Management. The strengths being our Management Information Systems and proficient crew. We have a dedicated team to keep abreast of the latest regulations, trends and technology advancement in the maritime industry and offer the same to our clients as per their requirements and needs.

Some of our core areas of expertise are as follows:-

  • Vessel registration and classification into any member of IACS class.
  • Upgrading the vessel to the standard of any IACS class member.
  • Conducting statutory surveys to satisfaction of flag.
  • Conducting class surveys.
  • Implementation of planned maintenance system.
  • Implementation of Safety Management Systems on board and relevant documentation and survey.
  • Implementation of ISPS, SOPEP, Ballast water management, Garbage management plan, etc. and all relevant plans as required by class and administration.
  • Drydocking expertise.
  • Major repair and conversion supervision.
  • Pre purchase inspections.
  • Expertise in sale of vessel for demolition/recycling.
  • Riding squads and much more.


  • Vessel insurance with PNI club.
  • Crew management for all kinds of vessels (offshore, main fleet, etc)
  • Pre joining procedures for crew.
  • Commercial management and chartering of main fleet vessels.
  • Commercial management and chartering of offshore vessel.
  • Voyage planning and control.
  • Inventory control and procurement management.
  • Purchase procedures and documentation.
  • Port management of vessels.
  • Computer based vessel tracking.
  • Establishing communication lines between vessel and shore via satellite link.
  • Emergency response team and contingency support from shore.
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